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Radio Music: The memories of the 70s – While I recall songs from the radio channels of the 70’s I remember feeling a sense of joy, and inspiration. A feeling of expansion, of religious consciousness, infinity and the power of universal soul charges my body like an electrical current, unexplainable emotion.

Radio music of the 70’s was probably the best production of audio in any age. It was exceptional in many ways because of the fact that the artists were permitted to create freely. Utilizing rich poetic lyrics that combine imagery and intricate storylines. Like Gordon Lightfoot’s haunting, “If You Could Read My Mind”, Jim Croce’s, “Time in a Bottle”, and Breads “Diary”. Of course the classic “Hotel California” is a cross-generational hit that’s played at campfires by young musicians. Dolly Parton, Charlie Rich and Glen Campbell county tunes were all hits.

They said “Oldies but goodies” musics played 70’s was embedded in our hearts and mind and memories. Luckily, we can now play music anywhere and everywhere with our smartphone.

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