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The power of Sound Meditation – Music is linked to the endless energy embedded in the world. Similarly, all of us have our own energy fields or aura around us. The sound has a strong influence on these energy fields. Music or sound can provoke extreme responses within our nervous systems. Music also activates a positive and therapeutic influence within our own bodies. According to scientific research, music has the ability to enhance our mood, eliminate depression and provide momentary joy to the listeners.

Divine Sound Meditation is a powerful rendition of ‘Bija’ mantras, secondary mantras, and prayers. The powerful power of the chants and singing efficiently moisturizes through all of the seven chakras and five sheaths of the mortal body.

Below are some benefits of this so-called sound meditation.

  • Feeling a sensation of mental and Calmness tranquillity
  • Relief from Physical and Mental stress
  • Reaching a Serene state of mind

There’s simply no need for listeners to make an attempt at understanding the circulation of the chants or decode the lyrical meaning. An individual can listen to the rendition to acquire holy blessings. The meditation music can be intercepted as a form of Nada Yoga.

The power of this music has also triggered the interests of various scientific research groups. Many scientists and researchers have done detailed research on the ability of audio meditation music. It’s been observed that doing regular and disciplined meditation whilst listening to the celestial sound can result in positive changes in our thinking pattern, behavior and also improve our physical health.

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