Music genre: Let’s understand Jazz and Blues – Jazz and blues are two different musical genres. They’re American musical traditions that have roots that go back centuries. Jazz, for example, was designed in New Orleans and was initially called “jass” but later evolved to jazz by dropping the “ss” and replacing it with “zz” which basically translates into “trendy”. It was not until the 19th century which jazz started to take on brass instruments, before which instruments such as the saxophone, cornet, and trombone were mainly employed. As those tools were infused to the genre, it evolved to make a much larger base.

Blues, unlike jazz, originated from the southern part of Mississippi and was first recorded in the 1920s. During this time, it was typically played solo, which differs from the outfit like nature of jazz we see now. The first ever blues solo participant simply used a slide guitar as his primary musical instrument. These days, it enlists the assistance of several artists and contains blues bands to make its distinct sound.

How They Are Similar – Jazz Blues is a genre all its own, but typically describes a blues artist that uses more complicated harmonies or rhythms and breaks away from traditional blues patterns or a jazz artist who retains his harmonies simple. The end result is a mix match mixture of jazz blues tunes and patterns that music fans can treasure. Some people even refer to jazz blues tunes as “R&B” although that would not be entirely accurate.


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