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Types os Headphone Amplifiers for best music experience – Headphone Amplifiers aren’t something very common in most gadget shops. They’re made especially for music fans, that are ready to invest in good quality sound regardless of the price.

Headphone Amplifiers are made specifically for headphones rather than speakers. They were first utilized to connect headphones to high-end amplifiers which didn’t have audio jacks. In the past few years they popularity started to grow and now are more prevalent amongst audiophiles.

There are various types of amplifiers available on the market

  • Studio Headphone: Those were the first headphone amplifiers that came on the market. They are generally combined with studio headphones. They’re AC powered amps, even though some have batteries too.
  • Portable Headphone: Well, the name suggested it’s portable, meaning you can bring anywhere you go just bring your rechargeable battery to powers them. This also the advantage of portable headphone amps.
  • Tube Headphone: Tube headphone amplifiers utilize one or vacuum tubes to boost the signal. For these unusual design, they’re extremely appreciated.
  • USB Headphone: Those amplifiers are utilized for PCs that don’t have great sound cards. Also, USB headphone amps have the affordable price.


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