Weed & Music – Why They Go So Well

All of us may possibly not have a similar liking in songs, but we are able to definitely concur on just one thing in common: smoking weed and listening to music is the finest blend next to buttery peanut and mallows. But even if this is a sweet combination, we agree that there are still a lot of people who prefer to stay away from the smoking weed. See these tips to get started.

Let’s find out the reason why


Regardless of a lot of stoner information on the web trying to respond to that query, it’s far more complex than what you think. Weed continues to be researched on for many years within the United States, however, it still deemed as illegal in many areas of the world. Similar to numerous psychedelic medicines, it endured through a societal judgment that influenced the possibility for further studies on this.

Nevertheless, there’s been an increasing research going on from various professions such as neuroscience, psychology, and even musicology. They look further into the brain and how it responds to music during medications. A study was published in the year 2015 about how LSD afflicted a person’s emotive response to specific music.

At present, there is a good amount of anecdotal proof available about the connection of weed and music, a specific study will be surprisingly difficult to find. however, many have spoken to a number of teachers from several areas to find out more.

What happens in the brain while listening to music and high on pot?

Marijuana functions similar to a psycho-acoustic booster. That indicates you have more ability to process, to have more focus and have a tad of a wider spectrum. It won’t transform the music and it won’t alter the ear function too. Clearly, that modifies the way in which all of us see ear space within music. It also alters the perception of time, and in case you take time to stay tuned to music, it is a period process. — Dr. Jörg Fachner

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